Pitry from Poland, decided to become an actor at the age of fifteen, after watching a marathon of “Lord of the rings” extended edition during New Year’s eve party.

Before that she was involved in many sports and national titled wrestler.

She studied acting at the National Academy of Arts at Dance Theater department.

During that time she was gaining acting experience by playing episodes and minor roles in music videos and TV productions such us Netflix series “Open your eyes” by Anna Jadowska, Canal+ series “Emigration XD” by Łukasz Kośmicki or “Paper’s for happiness ” and “Deeply in love” by Regina Zawadzka and in 2022 she has her movie debut as one of the leading roles in the movie “Apokawixa” directed by Xawery Żuławski with the role of “Mycha”.

The movie was awarded in Film Festival in Gdynia and 3K film festival in Prague and was a part of many international festivals such us “Cameraimage festival”, “Fantaspoa film festival” or “Off Camera film festival”.

As theater and dance theatre actor she was a part of many plays like: “the name” directed by Paulina Prokopiuk (international award “shaking the walls” on the ShakespeareOff festival 2020)  with the role of Ofelia, “Bye till tomorrow” directed by Maciej Sajur, “I have killed a brother of mine” directed by Aleksander Kopański or “the Blind” by Jerzy Zoń.

As for her dance theater diploma she also created and performed “Kokoszka” a solo piece revolving around young women “coming of age” struggles in the modern world.

She’s also a writer, in 2019 she published her first fantasy novel “Motylogion”.


Apart of acting and dancing in which she was professionaly schooled, due to her diverse interest she is practicing a variety of interesting skills like: horse riding, diving, freediving, mermaiding, fighting and fencing.