jakub sasak

I was born in 1994 in Katowice, Poland. Following 18 years of my life I’ve
spent in the land of Silesia which is the Southern part of Poland. In my opinion
the most beautiful, diverse, complex and historically experienced region of my
country. Here I also took my first steps into art in general, and acting in
particular. My romance with poetry classes and local amateur theatre group
reassured me that I want to become an actor, that I want to tell stories, share
my thoughts, perspectives and emotions with audience. Luckily, right after
high school I got accepted into the one of the most respected Theatre
Academy in Poland – AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, which I
graduated in 2018.
I made my stage debut in 2017 at the Drama Theater in Walbrzych as a
Prince Filip in „Ivonne, the Burgundy Princess” dir. Grzegorz Jaremko. Since
then, I have performed on many stages all over the country. During this time I
have had the pleasure of fulfilling some of my dreams artistically, and partake
in the process of creating plays in many theaters, within the framework of
various theatrical conventions and diverse repertoire, both classical and
modern: such as “Tartuffe” by Moliere or “Dead Poets Society” by Tom
Schullman, to only mention a few. I am currently associated with the boards of
Warsaw theaters: Ateneum, Och-Teatr, Teatr Polonia, and Garnizon Sztuki.
My first appearance in front of the camera was in 2016 in the short film
“Hunger” by Grzegorz Paprzycki. The next year I have played small role in my
first feature length film “Reconciliation” by Maciej Sobieszczański. Following
years brought me amazing opportunities to meet and work with directors
whose movies I watched as a kid and which left their marks on my artistic
sensitivity. Directors such as Piotr Trzaskalski (“Stulecie Winnych” 2018),
Juliusz Machulski (“Mały Zgon” 2020), or Maciej Pieprzyca (“Ikar, Legenda
Mietka Kosza” 2019, “Kruk” 2021, 2023). In recent years, I appeared on
Netflix in the leading roles in the film “Into the Wind” by Kristoffer Rus (2022)
and the series “A Girl and an Astronaut” by Bartosz Prokopowicz (2023).
I have also attended workshops at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in
London where I became interested in contemporary English drama and, under
the guidance of professors, I worked on the interpretation of Shakespeare’s
monologues in the Early Modern English original.