czeslaw mozil

Czesław Mozil (born in Zabrze, Poland) is a Polish singer, composer, and musician (mostly using the accordion), and graduate of The Royal Danish Academy of Music . At the age of 5 Czesław moved to Denmark, where he lived for over twenty years, studied, and among others played in a band called Tesco Value. He was still longing for homeland and finally decided to return to Poland in 2008. During not longer then several months, the status of Czesław has changed drastically, unknown, modest, shy musician became foremost artist, invited to all biggest TV’s and most popular festivals –there were hardly any people who could stand innocent, introvert charm of Czesław. And there were even less of them who didn’t fell in love with his, released in first half of 2008 “Debiut”. This album sold over 60000 copies in Poland itself, staying for 52 weeks in charts. Some journalists compared “Debiut”  to such artists as Beirut, The Decemberists and Dubliners – but this is just part of the whole story. Czesław is the artist and his music is a form of art – hard to describe and hard to classify, but it’s easy to become addicted to it.

-The best selling album of 2008 in Poland! Double platinum – over 60000 CD’s sold!
-This is the biggest newcomer and biggest surprise in years! Alternative debut gained so much recognition and reached the level of sales that even recent popstars can dream of
-Czeslaw charismatic vocals + keyboards, melodica, accordion, saxophone = new quality! Indie + folk + punk + cabaret + rock in new never-heard-before proportions

“Enchanting, amazing album – a perfect antidote for moaning and groaning of so-called ‘music-stars” – Polityka
“Exotic, unpretentious, straight from the heart” – Wirtualna Polska