Michał Pawlik

Michał Pawlik has experience in theater, movies and dubbing. He is also improv actor – Keith Johnstone’s method, slow improv method and Viola Spolin’s method. Despite of learning acting he’s become a young teacher, orginising workshops for teenagers. He would like to visit as much countries as possible and become independent musician.

born: 1993 | AST Kraków (Academy of Dramatic Arts in Cracow)
height: 182 cm/6’0” | eyes: green | hair: blond

skills: dancing, loangboard, singing (tenor), djembe/cajon (basic), music production, DJ’ing, shooting (ASG, paintball), singing (tenor), football, volleyball, yoga, running (long distances), swimming, sailing (basic)

languages: Polish (mother tounge), English (fluent), Spanish (basic)

2018 | II acting award | 36. Festival of Acting Schools in Lodz
2018 | Opus Film – actor who we want see in movies and tv series | 36. Festival of Acting Schools in Lodz
2017 | team award | 21. Gdańsk Shakespear Festival

2019 |Supernova| dir. Bartosz Kruhlik | role: Młody
2018 |O mnie się nie martw| TV series | role: Dawid
2018 |Stacja – short movie| dir. Wiincenty Witkorczyk | role: Marcin
2018 |Wojenne dziewczyny| TV series | role: young boy
2017 |Granica – short movie| dir. Dominik Szarwacki | role: Wojtek

2018 |La Chanson de Roland| dir. Andrzej Błażewicz | role: Olivier
2018 |Cave of forgotten dreams| dir. Ewa Rucińska| role: Werner Herzog
2018 |Wolfpack| dir. Adrianna Alsknin | role: Bhagavan Angulo
2018 |Kongres…| dir. Paweł Miśkiewicz | role: Zero-waste maniac
2017 |prawie my| dir. Marcin Wierzchowski| role: Lucas
2017 |Platonov| dir. Aleksandra Spilkowska| role: Platonov
2017 |Shakespear or shoes| dir. Grzegorz Mielczarek | role: Bania\Hamlet
2016 |12 Angry Men| dir. Agnieszka Mandat| role: Nr 2