marieta żukowska

born: 1982| PWSFTviT Lodz|
music high school professional playing the violin, singing| languages: Polish (native), English (fluent), Russian (basic), Belarusian (basic)| height: 160/ 5’1″| hair: naturallny brown |eyes: green

Marieta is a film and theatre actress, graduated from National Film School in Lodz. She started working in Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Lodz. One of the most gifted actresses of her generation – that’s how Łukasz Maciejewski, film and theatre critic, depicted her. An award winner of a great number of theatre prizes, including Grand Prix at the International Festival in Brno, and Golden Mask. She was nominated for Orzeł Award in discovery award section for her leading part in „Unmoved Mover.” She’s a member of Polish Film Academy; lives and works in Warsaw. She is involved in classic, alternative and off film productions. Her talent, intelligence, grace and sense of humor makes her parts equally authentic in comedies, tragedies, costume films and contemporary movies.